Anti-Oppression Statement

In alignment with our organizational commitment to creating an arts sector rooted in justice, we are committed to ensuring a space that is free of racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, classism, or other bias. Likewise, NPN supports the creation and touring of diverse original work and we encourage artists to show that work without compromise. We expect any work presented in any space hosted by NPN, as well as any hosts and partners in our convenings and other activities, will honor these ethics.


Rapid Response

NPN takes seriously any reports of racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, classism, or other oppressions. We recognize that in inviting challenging conversations we also need to create a healthy environment to do so. If an incident arises during the conference, attendees are encouraged to reach out to our Rapid Response Team, a team of colleagues who have generously volunteered their time to address issues that may arise, by emailing Caitlin Strokosch (caitlin@npnweb.org). In responding to incidents, we aim to align this work with the principles of transformative justice to seek resolution and transformation together rather than punishment. We believe in listening to our colleagues and trust in the validity of their experiences, without defensiveness or debate. NPN does not tolerate violence or aggression at any conference activity -- in-person or virtual -- and we reserve the right to bar attendees who violate these policies.



We strive to host inclusive, accessible experiences that enable all individuals to fully engage. Real-Time Captioning (CART) in English will be available throughout this event; American Sign Language (ASL) will be provided during live content and by request. Other accommodation requests can be completed during registration; if you have additional requests or did not make a request during registration, please email Alana Gates (alana@federalconference.com). 

NPN will work with speakers, facilitators, and presenters to center disability justice throughout the conference, and will share best practices for ensuring an accessible experience with all attendees.

Please contact Alana Gates (alana@federalconference.com) if you have any questions about accessibility by the end of the day on Thursday January 6th, 2022.


Meeting Agreements

  • Be present

  • Take care of yourself and each other

  • Support all voices being heard

  • Assume positive intent

  • Try to avoid and/or explain jargon

  • Take responsibility for your words and actions

  • Be mindful of time

  • Speak from your own experience

  • W.A.I.T. – Why am I talking? Is this going to move the conversation forward?

  • Remember why we are here

  • Relax and laugh, hard work doesn’t have to feel hard

  • Don’t leave with a question

  • Speak the elephant in the room


Meeting Philosophy

We believe in…

  • Creating a safer space: We ask all attendees to question oppression openly, listen generously, and respect each other’s personal boundaries and confidentiality.
  • Critical analysis without censorship: We encourage activities and dialogues that reflect the challenging times in which we find ourselves and we support artists’ opportunities to develop and show work without artistic compromise. We strive to make space where participants can take risks while engaging each other in thoughtful critique.
  • Complexity: We recognize the complex identities we each embody and do not assume or diminish other’s perspectives.
  • Holding each other accountable: We aim for an environment where we respectfully call each other in, help each other recognize oversights, and learn together how to move toward more just and equitable words, actions, and practices.
  • Making space for learning: Disagreement, discomfort, and vulnerability are essential for growth, while defensiveness and dismissiveness inhibit learning. Allow yourself and others time and space to reflect and grow.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be received by January 19th, 2022. Should circumstances arise that result in the cancellation or postponement of the conference, NPN will issue a full refund.

For cancellations or questions regarding the cancellation policy, please email support@federalconference.com