The National Performance Network is committed to hosting accessible and inclusive events. Either American Sign Language (ASL) and Real-Time Captioning (CART), or Closed Captioning (CC) in English will be available for all keynote events. All breakout sessions will have either Closed Captions or auto-captions enabled. This guide is meant to serve as a resource for attendees before, during, and after the event. Please see session information for further details.


When available, captions will appear at the bottom of your screen. You can turn them on
and off by clicking on the Live Transcript button on the bottom toolbar of Zoom.

Closed captions will appear automatically on sessions with them enabled.

We actively encourage you to use the chat function to interact with and react to the
program at any time. If your meeting is on Zoom, please click on the Chat button at the
bottom of the screen. This will open the chat panel and let you send messages to all
panelists and attendees.

When available, the ASL interpreter will automatically appear on the screen. You do not
need to pin the view of the interpreter. For the best viewing experience, we recommend
viewing ASL on your desktop.

We are using the Federal Conference Zoom for business license and your privacy is of
utmost importance to the NPN. This event will be password protected and, if you arrive
early, you will be held in a waiting room prior to the broadcast. Please ensure you are
not sharing the password publically and that your internet connection is secure when
joining the event.

We will be recording many sessions throughout the conference. While we will only be
showcasing the speakers, your likeness will be minimized but still may be recorded. If
you do not want to be recorded, turn off your mic and camera during the session to be a
passive attendee.

Other accommodation requests can be completed during registration; if you have additional requests or did not make a request during registration, please email Alana Gates ( NPN will work with speakers, facilitators, and presenters to center disability justice throughout the conference, and will share best practices for ensuring an accessible experience with all attendees.
Please contact Alana Gates ( if you have any accessibility questions.