Classified Material Storage

Transporting classified material to the SMMCS is highly discouraged.  If bringing classified material (up to SECRET) to the SMMCS is essential, please notify SPD in advance so that appropriate storage arrangements can be made.  If any attendee requires SIPR access, please contact a member of SMMC/ SPD as soon as possible.

Post JPAS Visit Requests

All attendees and support staff who will be attending the CLASSIFIED briefings are required to submit a JPAS visit.  Forward the JPAS visit request NLT 10 October to SMO CODE M30000 and for assignment purposes, Mr. Randy Kowski at (703) 614-1515 as the point of contact.  Ensure that access to CLASSIFIED material (secret) has been granted in JPAS.  JPAS is real-time, therefore once you have ensured access it is not necessary to contact SPD for confirmation.

Special Requirements

During the registration process, please advise SMMC/SPD staff of any special requirements (dietary restrictions, allergies, medical information, reasonable accommodation, etc) so that we can provide the best possible support to you during the SMMCS.

Operations Center

The Operations Center will be set up to provide appropriate administrative and logistical support to all attendees.  Personnel and resources are assigned to the Operations Center according to known requirements based on the official agenda.

    a. The Operations Center will be located in the Officer’s Dining Room and will be operational Wednesday thru Friday from 0700-1830.

    b. Projected capabilities are limited to unclassified phone, unclassified fax, limited color/black and white copying, and NIPRNET workstations with e-mail.

    c. There is no-site capability for classified fax, SIPRNET email, or STU/STE phones.  The Operations Center is unable to provide any classified material support.

    d. The Operations Center will be prepared to support all known briefers’ requirements.  The normal organic audio-visual and information technology capabilities are available, which includes screens, projectors, video players, and laptops capable of using CDs.  If any briefer requires additional support, please contact Mr. Randy Kowski at (703) 693-2821.


The average temperatures for the Washington, D.C. area in October are 67 degrees (High) and 46 (Low).  The area averages approximately 3.4 inches of rain in October.