Meeting Agreements
  • Be present

  • Take care of yourself and each other

  • Support all voices being heard

  • Assume positive intent

  • Try to avoid and/or explain jargon

  • Take responsibility for your words and actions

  • Be mindful of time

  • Speak from your own experience

  • W.A.I.T. – Why am I talking? Is this going to move the conversation forward?

  • Remember why we are here

  • Relax and laugh, hard work doesn’t have to feel hard

  • Don’t leave with a question

  • Speak the elephant in the room


Meeting Philosophy

We believe in…

  •       Creating a safer space: We ask all attendees to question oppression openly, listen generously, and respect each other’s personal boundaries and confidentiality.

  •       Critical analysis without censorship: We encourage activities and dialogues that reflect the challenging times in which we find ourselves and we support artists’ opportunities to develop and show work without artistic compromise. We strive to make space where participants can take risks while engaging each other in thoughtful critique.

  •       Complexity: We recognize the complex identities we each embody and do not assume or diminish other’s perspectives.

  •       Holding each other accountable: We aim for an environment where we respectfully call each other in, help each other see our blind spots, and learn together how to move toward more just and equitable words, actions, and practices.

  •       Making space for learning: Disagreement, discomfort, and vulnerability are essential for growth, while defensiveness and dismissiveness inhibit learning. Allow yourself and others time and space to reflect and grow.


Annual Conference Rapid Response Team

NPN takes seriously any reports of racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, classism, or other oppressions. If an incident arises, attendees can reach out to a member of the Rapid Response Team, a team of colleagues who have generously volunteered their time. NPN recognizes that in inviting challenging conversations we also need to create a healthy environment to do so. We aim to align this work with the principles of transformative justice that seeks resolution and transformation together rather than punishment. We believe in listening to our colleagues and trust in the validity of their experience, without defensiveness or debate.


Who attends the NPN Annual Conference?

This year the NPN Annual Conference is open to all, and we are excited to welcome almost 375 amazing artists, presenters, and colleagues from around the world!

  • NPN Partners, Board Members and Staff

  • Bay Area Host Committee members and Colleagues

  • U.S. and international Colleagues — arts presenters/producers, curators, cultural organizers, and funders

  • Artists

    • National Artists who have toured on NPN

    • Pittsburgh-based performing and visual artists

    • Local “Live & On Stage” performing artists


When is AC Pittsburgh?

The conference is from December 13th-16th, 2018. We recommend that you arrive by the afternoon of December 12th and depart the morning of December 17th!


What are the objectives of the Annual Conference?

  • Building and strengthening relationships

  • Expanding professional development

  • Connecting with what’s going on creatively around the country

  • Deepening the field’s knowledge of Pittsburgh’s culture


Tell me about the Annual Conference philosophy!

  • To create an environment where Artists and Presenters can develop peer relationships — not power relationships

  • To provide support to Artists, NPN Partners and Colleagues through shared best practices

  • To activate new collaborations and partnerships

  • To show the breadth of work that NPN has subsidized


What special events are included in the registration fee?

Your registration fee includes:
– A ticket to BOTH Live & On Stage Performances
– Opening Reception
– Closing Party


What should I bring to the Annual Conference?

All the usual things you would bring on a 4-day trip, we take no responsibility for you forgetting your toothbrush (but will happily direct you to the nearest drugstore to buy a new one!).

  • Comfortable clothes that you feel good in. There is no dress code for attendees, wear what feels good.

  • Business cards

  • Any materials of projects you’re working on that you’d like to share

  • Walking shoes, some activities will take you out and about in Pittsburgh


When should I arrive and depart?

You should arrive on December 13, 2018 in time for the Newbie Mixer at 5:00pm followed by the Opening Reception later in the evening at 8:00pm.

You should plan to leave on Monday morning, December 17.


Things to Remember in Pittsburgh

As in all cities, use common sense, be aware of your surroundings and be intentional when walking, especially at night. We recommend walking in groups.


What is the meeting hotel and how can I make reservations?

The hotel is the Westin Convention Center and you can make your hotel reservation by visiting their booking website:



Should I plan to make my own hotel arrangements?

The answer is most likely yes! NPN staff make reservations for a small number of attendees, but you would have heard from us directly if this were the case. If you’re unsure, you can always email Katie at katie@federalconference.com


What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel good. Attendees wear everything from jeans and sneakers to heels. We don’t have many many suit-wearers, but if that’s your game that’s great! Definitely bring a pair of comfortable shoes, as some activities will take you out and about in Pittsburgh.


This will be my first Annual Conference, will I be the only one who doesn't know anyone?

Usually about 40% of attendees are new to the Conference. Plan to attend the AC Newbie Mixer on Thursday, December 13 (5:00pm) to help you figure what’s what (and to meet some of the other folks). Besides, the people who attend the Annual Conference are a pretty special bunch — you should feel comfortable introducing yourself to them. And remember: this conference is about networking!


Should I bring brochures?

We will have resource tables available and you are welcome to bring resources like brochures or handouts to the Annual Conference. In many instances, large amounts of paper products are disposed of at the end of the meeting, so please consider this in quantity and your methods of disbursement. Digital media can also be a great way to share!


Community Care Space

The Community Care Space is available as needed for continuing complex and challenging dialogues that come out of convening sessions. Check at Registration or on the Guidebook app for updated information.


Anything Else?

Have an idea of questions you’d like answered? Email info@npnweb.org