Afternoon Plenary Session and Keynote Address
Date & Time
Saturday, September 25, 2021, 5:40 PM - 6:15 PM

 1. Tele-PCVs would be volunteers in the United States who work remotely with their host country counterparts. If we had such Tele-PCVs before the pandemic, they would have still been engaged around the world. Also former PCVs could years later be Tele-PCVs with their previous host country but now with more advance skills to share on a part-time basis setting their own hours 

2. Tech Volunteers Just as we have health volunteers, agriculture volunteers, etc., we could have tech volunteers who help in the leapfrogging approach to development. Where will the leapfrogging work? What advanced tech would be appropriate for a range of such leapfrogging development needs? Use of satellite data for agriculture, AI diagnosis in hospitals, virtual reality for education and training, drown fired tree planting, eco-smart city planning and management, computational science applications, and 3D printing for micro business. 

3. Tele-PVCs working in combination with Tech Volunteers and House Country Counterparts: Tele-PCVs in the US could work with Tech volunteers in country to help implement climate change strategies with alternative energy, plant-based and cell-based meat production, water management, cap and trade opportunities, carbon capture and reuse.