Interindigeneity: First Peoples and International Exchange (Audio in English)
Date & Time
Monday, January 31, 2022, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Organized by Olga Garay-English, consultant, OMG Arts; and Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Director of Practice Lab & EmergeNYC, Brooklyn Arts Exchange; and Dafina Toussainté McMillan, CEO, McMillan Works

While we seek to center racial justice locally, nationally, and globally, the arts sector has often overlooked Indigenous Peoples in international exchange. Centering Indigenous voices, this session asks: What does it mean to practice anti-supremacy culture, anti-colonialism, and anti-racism justice work as a global community? How do we enter other communities or invite others to enter ours? Whose stories get told when we “exchange” cultures? ​

Speakers include: Jimena Lara, The Anglo Mexican Foundation (Mexico); Elisa del Carmen Avendaño Curaqueo (Lawentuchefe / Mapudungún), musician (Chile); Jean-Paul Weaver, dancer/choreographer, Motherless Collective (Taiwan, Haiti, US); Petrona de la Cruz, (Maya Tzotzil), playwright, co-founder of Fortaleza de la Mujer Maya, and member of Mexico's Chamber of Deputies (Mexico); and Cuauhtémoc Peranda (Mescalero Apache, Mexika-Chichimeca/Cano & cihuaiolo butch queen), dancer/choreographer (US).

This session will provide closed captioning in English.