Auntie Sewing Squad: What FEMA Would Look Like If Run by Artists
Date & Time
Thursday, January 27, 2022, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Organized by Kristina Wong (she/her), Overlord, Auntie Sewing Squad

Andrea Assaf (she/they), Art2Action, Inc. (Fiscal Sponsor for the Auntie Sewing Squad)
Leilani Chan (she/her), Artistic Director, TeAda Productions
Gayle Isa(she/her/hers), Community Care Coordinator/Volunteer, Auntie Sewing Squad 

What can community based artists provide in crisis that federal agencies cannot? How can the values and resources artists apply to mutual aid? 

The Auntie Sewing Squad, a mask sewing effort was born out of the pandemic, was led by artists and fiscally sponsored by NPN partner Art2Action. In the first 17 months, it organically grew into a national collective powered by 800+ volunteer "Aunties" who sewed 350K masks and sent relief aid for vulnerable communities across America. The group also became a source of mutual support for volunteers during the crisis, believing in a system of "Auntie Care."

This session will provide closed captioning in English.