BIPOC Artists Envision Theater Anew: COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Reckoning, and Emerging Lessons
Date & Time
Thursday, January 27, 2022, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Organized by Alexandra Meda (she/ella) Director & Cultural Strategist

Dr. Monica Ndounou (she/hers), Founding Executive Director, The CRAFT Institute; Associate Professor, Theater Department, Dartmouth ​
Armando Huipe (they/them), Arts Management Consultant and Theatre Producer ​
Leslie Ishii (she/hers)

This session will report on and discuss the BIPOC theater artist-led survey project “Impact of COVID-19 Closures on BIPOC Practitioners and Black, Indigenous, and Theatres of Color (BITOC).” These artist-centered surveys were formulated and distributed as the pandemic shut down theatres and canceled theatre-maker jobs as the country experienced eruptions naming racism, anti-Blackness, and other discriminations against BIPOC (and/or People of the Global Majority, terms that overlap but are not interchangeable). Building on information gathered, we will hold space to discuss where BIPOC/BITOC theater-making is now, as well as open up the conversation about the theater we want to be making.

Auto captions can be enabled during this session. This session will be recorded.